One is sure to feel hungry and the food doesn’t disappoint at all… We at Mint, the Terrace Top multi cuisine Restaurant with an ample view of the lush greenery of hills and experience the nature’s bliss  believe  and offers an assortment of mouth watering delicacies and a blend  of traditional cuisine spanning the regions of Goans, and Northern India prepared by our chefs, From snacks and appetisers to a full-course meal, your experience at Mint would truly be incomplete without trying our culinary delights!


The ANCHOR Bar of 7 Sea’s Boutique Hotel at Anjuna is a perfect place where you can exploit the nightlife to the fullest living a healthy hangover. overlooking the picturesque Anjuna Village. ANCHOR Bar pulls in the crowd of boozers of all age ensures a lavish time for the party animals. It serves classic cocktails and signature beverages and offers an exquisite assortment of mouthful delicacies. And is well known for its collection of rare spirits from the local Goan Feni, Urak to International wines.